lose arm fat in simple tips ;)

March 5th, 2015

Losing fat in specific areas of the body is not an easy thing to accomplish, but yet not impossible.
If you are one of the unlucky persons that stores fat on their arms, than you should not be worried, because if you will follow the tips and recommendations from this article, you will manage to get rid of the unwanted fat from your arms.
There are many things which you will have to manipulate in order to get rid of the fat from your arms, things which I will expand below.
The first step that you will have to make in order to reach your goal is to make some changes to your diet, namely:
Lower the carbohydrates intake – a very important thing which you will have to do is to lower your carbohydrates intake, namely avoiding consuming foods like: sugary foods, breads, potatoes, sweet beverages, sugar, honey and many others.
Eat more protein – foods rich in proteins will help you to increase and preserve the lean body mass (muscles) and also to raise the metabolism. So, in order to get more proteins in the body you will have to eat: chicken breasts, turkey breasts, egg whites, soy, cottage cheese and low fat milk.
Eat more veggies – eating more veggies will help your body function better, it will increase the metabolism, will bring many vitamins and minerals and they will detoxify the body. You should eat veggies like: spinach, broccoli or brussels sprouts.
When it comes to the exercises that will help you to lose fat on your arms, you need to know that there are a big range of exercises, which if they are utilized properly will help you to reach your objective.
In order to strip off the fat from your arms you need to do the following exercises:
Straight barbell curls
Dumbbells curls
Dumbbell Concentration Curls
Lying Barbell Extensions
Close Grip Bench Press
Triceps Push Downs
For all the exercises make sure that you do 15 repetitions, so this mean that you should pick a weight that will not allow you to do more than this targeted number.
Another important aspect here is that you should do 4 sets for each exercise and keep the break time between repetitions very short, maximum 30-40 seconds, but no more.
Make sure to respect all the above recommendations because they are very important.
You will also need to add some cardio sessions, about 3 sessions of cardio per week will be enough. From these 3 sessions of cardio, make sure that one will be in the day when you will train your arms.
As for the type of cardio, you should do low intensity cardio for about 30 minutes, usually the best machine on which you should do it is the treadmill.
Another thing here is that you will also have to increase the angle of the treadmill somewhere around 20 degrees.

So, know that you have the tools, go and get those arms shredded!

Step By Step : How To Lose Arm Fat .

February 17th, 2015

Everybody has a different body structure and shape. Due to these differences only the accumulation of fat takes place in various organs. Some get a chubby stomach, heavy thighs and some get flabby arms. These big arms do a real blunder to your overall personality. One cannot carry a slim fit dress or go sleeveless. On one hand the girls wish to have slim and toned arms whereas boys want muscled arms. To deal with this issue here are some workout tips which can guide you that How to lose arm fat in an easy manner.


Take something heavy which weighs around one kg. It can be a filled 2 liter water bottle or an unbreakable heavy piece. Make sure that the product is sleek and short as long ones shall make this exercise uncomfortable for you. Now sit on chair. Hold that heavy thing with both hands and take your hands exactly above your head. Move your folded arms beholding weight towards your back slowly. Then bring them up above the head again and repeat it. During the exercise keep your elbows near to your head and ear as it will build a grip.

Perform this workout in sets of 20 each. Increase the weight of the thing after every week to carry out effective toning of your muscles. Do not choose any article which is valuable or brittle as it may break down.


You have to rely on a chair or something stiff at a height of almost 2 feet from the ground. Then put both your hands on the edge of it and move your feet back from the chair to have a leaning position inclined towards the chair with your hand and face at an angle of 90 degrees. Now bend towards the chair by folding your elbows and keep your back and knees straight. The aim is to touch the support with your chest so that the whole weight is passed onto arms which will make them toner and stronger.

Counter Push Ups

Counter Push Ups


It is based on the mechanism of counter pushups but is slightly different. Just like counter pushups hands are to be kept on chair or any other support but in a reversed direction. Perform this exercise in a way like you are sitting on a floor near the chair. By affixing your hands on chair face away from the furniture and bend your knees in a sitting posture. The distance between the leg of chair and your leg should be about 3 feet. Keep your upper body straight and try to touch the floor with your hips. This will put whole pressure on arms and thus give them a good shape.

The best part about these three workout exercises are that they can be performed at home easily. You need not join gym as these can be easily worked out at your place. So invest a little time in them and learn that how to lose arm fat by following these simple steps.

How To lose Arm fat in easy way

February 7th, 2015

Causes of Arm Fat

More women than men have to fight the unsightly underarm fat. It is probably because men typically do more heavy lifting than women and muscles dominate men’s bodies rather than fat. However, there are also many men out there who ask themselves how to lose arm fat even though they consider themselves to be slim. The three main causes of arm fat are genetics, being overweight and the lack of muscle tone. If your mother had flabby arms, the chances are so will you if you do not approach the problem. Furthermore, overweight people have body fat that resides everywhere, not only in the stomach area or the thigh area. And lastly, you may be slim, but you lack muscle tone which makes the skin hang off your arms. Luckily, there is a solution to having flabby arms – all it takes is a little bit of discipline and dietary changes.

how to lose arm fat

He is lifting the whole body on two non fatty arms

The Benefits of Losing Arm Fat

By losing arm fat, you will reduce your overall body fat percentage which in return improves the quality of your life. Furthermore, there is an esthetic value of having firm arms and that is the main reason why people start to ask themselves how to lose arm fat and are determined to go through with the changes in order to reach expected results.


How to Lose Arm Fat

There are basically three ways which guarantee the loss of arm fat. They are diet, exercise and cosmetic surgery. If you are overweight, before you come up with an exercise plan it is important to make changes to your diet long-term and get rid of those unhealthy eating habits.   It is crucial to follow a healthy balanced diet rich with vegetables and a healthy portion of low-glycemic carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. If you are a regular soda drinker, eliminate it from your diet. It is already 200 calories less a day and it will do miracles for your body over the course of a few months.

And lastly, there is the all-important question of what exercises to introduce in order to lose arm fat. There is a myriad of muscle-toning exercises out there, each designed for people ranging from beginners to pros. But all of them come down to giving tone to triceps, biceps and shoulders. The exercise include but are not limited to rope curls and barbell curls (aimed at firm biceps and triceps), triceps kickbacks and triceps dips (for triceps) and front raises, rear fly’s and lateral raises (for shoulders). Classic pushups are very good for triceps as well.  As shoulders also play an important role in the overall appearance of your arms, do not neglect them – perform shoulder shrugs and lateral pull downs several times a week.

And lastly, if you are a beginner, do not overdo it with diet and exercise – start slowly and build up your strength to reach desired results in a healthy and nonaggressive way.